viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

She needs our Help!

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Ok, my Friends... I really want to return some of what we have received on the last year... The Story of Margarita Juarez, really moved me to help. We have made the first sale of the GuateForex Signals System so as I told you before, I will be using half of the revenue from the sale to buy a block of 10X10 Pixels of $100.00 for each sale we made on Million Pixel Page for Margarita Juarez. I will be buying all the blocks after Dec.24th when this Sale Marathon Ends.

Also for those that are not interested in buying the system but still want to help, you can buy your own blocks of pixels on Million Pixel Page to Help Margarita Juarez, to put your own add and link to your Web Sites. Here is the link ->

Also for those who want to help more... you can use as your default Web Searcher (for free!)... another initiative of that looks to raise funds from ads published at this site. You can help using this site as your web searcher, and also telling your friends to do the same, this way you will be helping to raise funds for Charities and for people who really needs it, and all this for FREE!!! uses the same engine as Google, so you will be receving the same results on your searches as if you do it on the Google Home Page, but using, you will be helping to raise fudns for Charities!

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