sábado, 31 de enero de 2009

Robot Signal Results - Sep. 2008 to Jan 2009

I want to share with everybody the past Results of the Robot's Signals and also the BackTest of the Filter High and the Filter Medium, so you can decide which configuration is the better for you. As you can see these Robot has been profitable in the long term in any of the three configurations (WAF - WFM - WFH).

There are some points that I want you to watch carefully:

1. The three configurations has been profitable in the long Term.

2. The Configuration With Filter High is the one that took less trades per month with 8.2 Trades in Avg per month, followed by the Filter Medium Configuration with 11.6 Trades per Month in Avg. and then the WAF configuration with 19.2 Trades Per Month in Avg.

3. The most Profitable Configuration, so far, has been the WAF (Without Any Filter): +5,000 pips

4. The Configuration With Filter High despite being the least pips winer (+4,002 pips), has made 41 Trades and has lost only 2, in 5 Months!!! (one in Sep.08 and the other on Oct.08) with a wining Percentage of 95.12%.

5. The Wininig Trades Percentage of the Three configurations in 5 months: WAF 79.17% - WFM 89.66% - WFH 95.12%

6. The maximun Drawdown with the Filter High Configuration has been -318 pips in 5 months!!!

7. The Configuration With Filter High has not lost one trade since Oct 2nd, 2008.

I hope that these data can help you to better decide if you want to follow this Signals and If so, which configuration you want to follow according with your own analisys.
Have a nice Weekend!

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