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Some Coments from the Subscribers... | Algunos Comentarios de los Suscriptores...

Seen your work on Forex Factory, well and truly impressed with the accuracy, but more than that your honesty, telling people when you're not trading and not conning people into letting them think that your are trading. That is someone with whom I would like to be associated.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Best wishes



I think that you are very decent with charging $28 per month. The idea of giving a month free in case of losing trades makes it even better. I understand that you are just starting and it's very smart to start with a low cost to traders. you will build up credibility and more and more people will be interesting in subscribing to you daily signal. Keep up the good work !


Thank you my friend.
I make it 100 pips.
Thank you again.


Thank u
I am making some money for now,after all my losses.


that was fast - AGAIN :)


It was amazing! Too bad I am trading $1 per pip, but it's OK, evry dollar counts.

Thanks, man


The idea of 28 dollars is good sounds realastic, at least to me, because before i been offered service where they charge 100 or more dollars and i didn not take the offer because that is to much. 28 is affordable. and the warranty month deal i think many will like and u will have more customers like that they will feel safer. knowing that u are not tryin to rip anyone off.


Hi Guateforex,

I was reading the comments on cable update
It doesn't bother me at all how you count you pips. I think it is the only correct way. Ok, it's 1 and the same trade but you clearly set 3 exit points so you could count it as 3 trades.
Everyone is free to go in with as much lots that he wants.

I have been using a similar break out method myself and I must say that I often find similar entry points than you do.
I like it very much
Not too much stuff about trendlines, ema's, blah blah blah ... just clear B/O levels

I like to follow you trades the coming days (weeks/months/years :) )

I think some people are maybe a litle jealous.
I've seen you 9 consecutive winning trades, it was very impressive !!!

Greetz from Belgium

Amazing results!! I've been following your signals on my demo account and I made huge profit so far. I would just like to thank you for sharing your information.

Keep up the good work.



Your signals seem very good. I have seen your backtest results and I was impressed. Today trades were risky, but I traded one lot, and I won $40 - thanks for all and I will be watching your signals :)


This is a first time i follow your's signal
and i'm profit 120 pip..
Congrat...God Job...

I'm from Indonesia n i know u at forexfactory forum
Glad to know u. Kept it bro...


you are amazing! wow I had a late start, only started on Tuesday with your signals but I am truely amazed! I'm curious as to the system you use or program that actually produces these trades, but obviously understand if its confidential.

Thanks you and looking forwards to lots more "green" pips!


I do not know how are you doing this, but it's still very impressive, and I've got another 120 pips.

Carry ON!


good to hear from you.

hi again..sound interesting bro...what should i call you..hehe

for the first half of January, the results was great with 1200 pips which is your signal really running well..that was great job! Congratulations!

To me usd25-usd30 per morth its just a small contribution for you. I just wanna see my account/equity up day by day following your signal.

Good job!


GREAT...GREAT....GREAT JOB!!!!!!!..... first time transaction in production.


Best Regards,


You did it again - you are the best !!!!!!!!!


All I have to say.....YOU BEAUTY!!!!!



Thanks Again. And by the way, I see that some traders on the forexfactory trying to give you a hard time... just ignore them... you doing better than them.



i want to subscribe your signals for February. Please sen to me the payment information. Thanks for your signals.

i did not trade with your orders last week, tried on a demo. it was really good. and this week i made 1800 $ in three days.

0.5 x 30 pips 150

0.5 x 40 pips 200

0.5 x 50 pips 250 = 600 $ every day.

Thank you very much again.




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