miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

GuateForex System for SALE!!! Last Day!!!

Last Day for this Offer... so Hurry Up!!!!

One Time Offer!!! - Remember That this offer ends on Dec. 24th!!!!

I am offering the GuateForex Signals System for SALE to you for this and only this time. I have been asked to help the cause of Margarita Juarez on Theangels-network.com (you can watch her Story on youtube HERE )and I have decided to help!.

This is my offer, I will sell the GuateForex System Method, and half of the revenues will be used to help Margarita Juarez on THIS Initiative. For each person that buys the System Method, I will be buying a block of 10X10 pixels ($100) on the Margarita's Million Pixel Page of Theangels-network.

For this Time only, we are offering this system for sell, and with a special discount. Our regular price is $350.00 but for this only time and for this cause you can get it for only


For this price you will recieve:

  • A PDF with the instructions of the method, for you to calculate the numbers manually.
  • 1 Indicator for MT4, that helps you to produce your numbers. If you don't use Mt4 for your trades, you can use this indicator only as a guide.

  • Instructions on how to install the MT4 Indicator
  • A configuration list to enter with the MT4 indicator, for the actual best hours of our trades.
  • 3 months of advice via e-mail.

This sale is valid only from today until December 24th, 2009.

If you are interested in this SALE. Send me and e-mail with subject "SALE Payment Instructions" and I will send you a mail with the instructions on how to make the paymente



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